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You've traveled this far into our website so you must be at least a little interested! Come join us at some of our recruitment events where you can meet some brothers and have some fun. Upcoming recruitment events are posted to our social media. A little confused on what a recruitment event is or how to join a Greek organization? Click the button below for an explanation!

Rides from Wadsworth Hall are available to those interested in attending. Rides will leave from the lobby ten minutes before the start of each recruitment event. Just look for a brother wearing letters! Questions about our recruitment process? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact our Vice President of Recruitment William Bogan at or (219) 286-0465. If you are interested in joining our email list and staying in contact with the brothers, please click the button below.



When looking at joining a fraternity, you probably have a lot of questions you want some answers to. Don't worry we have the answers! We took some of the most asked questions new members have and answered them below! Click on any of the pictures and click through them to see what Delta Upsilon is all about, what being a brother is like, and what the process to join is like.


Still looking for answers? Don't hesitate to contact us! Come drop by our house or join us at one of our recruitment events to ask anything. One of the benefits of being a no secrets organization is we can answer anything and everything relating to Delta Upsilon! Prefer to use email? No problem, just send your question our way at

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