We're able to provide service and raise philanthropy dollars through the generous donations of others! Any money donated goes towards the Michigan Tech Delta Upsilon Alumni Scholarship or sending brothers to programs sponsored by the Delta Upsilon Education Foundation.

Each semester one active brother is awarded the Michigan Tech Delta Upsilon Alumni Scholarship to put towards their education. Winners are chosen not only based off of academic achievement, but for making multiple improvements to the Chapter and for going above and beyond what is expected of a brother. Any donation helps keep this scholarship alive!

The Delta Upsilon Education Foundation, ran by International Headquarters, hosts a variety of events each year. These events cover topics from Chapter improvement to personal strength development. Brothers can event attend a week long service project in Jamaica! Covering the costs for these programs and travelling from Michigan Tech can come with a hefty price tag, however. Many brothers credit these programs for their success as a leader and donating to this fund will allow us to continue sending brothers to these programs to build both themselves personally and our Chapter. Take a look below at all of the programs we attend!


Want to donate? Don't worry because it is super easy! Just follow the simple instructions below:

​To donate to the Michigan Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon Scholarship Fund:

  • Click "Donate Now" Button Below

  • Select your gift type (One-time, ongoing gift, scheduled gift)

  • Enter your total gift amount (ex. $100.00)

  • Select the gift designation:

    • Gift Designation #1 -- Select "Other" option.

    • In "Special Instructions" -- copy/paste the following information:

      • Delta Upsilon Endowment Fund - #5413​

  • Answer remaining questions and click "Next"​​

  • Validate you information with the university and confirm the donation


All donations are tax deductible and are eligible for company match!

Although our Alumni Corporation does request periodic reports of donors and fund balances, we encourage notification of any donations to ensure the funds get recognized to the correct fund.  Please notify us by emailing our Brother Milan at milanlathia@gmail.com of any donations so we can ensure the funds arrive properly to our scholarship.

Thank you for your gift and support of the Michigan Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon!


  • Fall 2020: Phil Cauley

  • Spring 2020: Sage Haney / Trevor Smith

  • Fall 2019: Ben Lutz

  • Spring 2019: Alec Mitteer

  • Fall 2018: River Leversee

  • Spring 2018: Jack Warning

  • Fall 2017: Ian Jones

  • Spring 2017: Patrick Humfleet/Christopher Coppernoll

  • Fall 2016: Matthew Sweet

  • Spring 2016: Christopher Haskins

  • Fall 2015: Jacob Bailey

  • Spring 2015: Sean Branner

  • Fall 2014: Damon Stafford

  • Spring 2014: Joshua Person

  • Fall 2013: Aaron Clark/Michael Massucci

  • Spring 2013: Kevin Coleman/Eric Wilkening

  • Fall 2012: Keith Jurek

  • Spring 2012: Keith Jurek

  • Fall: 2011: Keith Juek

  • Spring 2011: Frank Murphy

  • 2009 - 10: Anthony Rossetto/Jason Switzer

  • 2008 - 09: James Martin